Beetel Magiq II to replace Original Magiq Tablet

Beetel Magiq II has replaced the original Magiq Tablet launched two months ago. You didn’t know, anyone else didn’t know as well.

Meant as a replacement of the slightly higher priced original Beetel Magiq tablet (Rs 9,999), the Beetel Magiq II (Rs 9,799)tablet is a stripped down version now original Magiq and has the following specs:

1) Has a 768 MHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon) processor. The original Magiq had a 1 GHz unit.
2) No internal memory. Earlier it was 8 GB. The buyers will instead get an 8 GB SD card free.

Apart from the above, the Magiq II is ditto Magiq I.

Are you thinking that Indian Government’s Aakash tablet should be applauded for its price tag? You are right in doing so. --------

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