BizzTrust – Splits Android Devices to handle Personal and Business Data & Apps

Yesterday we shared with you AT&T’s Toggle platform, which allows Android users use their personal android devices at their work, by allowing them to access from their personal android devices, their company data securely stored on Toggle platform.

Today we want to share with you another new service for Android devices which accomplishes the same objective as by Toggle.

Security researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) and the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) have proposed a way to create separate personal and business areas on Android devices. There by lowering the risk entailed by using personal smartphones for business.

What the researchers have proposed and devised:

The researchers have devised a method (a software) of partitioning Android devices into two separate areas: one for personal applications and one for business applications. The partitioning is done in such a way that the arrangement offers IT departments with a way to make personal devices more suitable for corporate settings without imposing restrictions that hinder personal usage. To get an idea of how this is accomplished, the SIT/CASE researchers said that they basically modified the Android operating system to mark data from trusted applications (personal applications). This allows company’s IT department to identify corporate and non-corporate apps.

The software created for partitioning and managing the devices is called BizzTrust for Android. BizzTrust has been designed to provide two protected areas for apps and data. The areas are distinguished by different color schemes, red and green, and one can move from one area to the other with a single tap.

The Android devices using the software can distinguish between business applications and personal applications and will store and protect data appropriately. Once the software distinguished Business Data or Application, it automatically assigns it the appropriate color tag, and since then treats it secure. This prevents the chances of some personal application expose data used by a business application. In addition, the system allows IT departments to manage business apps remotely, which may be necessary for security or policy reasons.

Scope of BizzTrust:

SIT/CASE researchers are in the process of integrating smartcards into their system to provide additional security. They are also developing partnerships with other companies to provide administrative tools for BizzTrust. --------

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