Doting parents help evolve the parent-child interaction on social media

Doting parents can be found everywhere; So what if a girl merely an year old, has been tweeting since a few weeks before she was even born. Her twitter account, @Irisgrim, bio states, she’s “interested in meeting new people, trying new things.”

Yes you are right; it’s her dad or mum tweeting on her behalf.

But that’s why they are doting.

But the baby girl is tweeting for some purpose (actually her dad Huffpost DC bureau chief Ryan Grim is tweeting); to help the evolution of parent-child relations on Twitter. Or in other words help the evolution of a new form of parent-child interaction on social media.

This new form of parent-child interaction on social media, has increasing number of parents sharing intimate birth photos on Facebook to giving 140 word messages to new mothers, about right method of weaning. Not to say, the shares show ample pretension or self-absorption too.

@Irisgrim, is contributing her part to the evolution too; she is tweeting about nearly everything she has observed from her tiny eyes. In her earliest days she tweeted about the commonalities and irritations of her parents’ early parenthood. Now more conscious about her own looks, weight gain, she asks the world, “Does breast milk have carbs? Because I KEEP gaining wait. I've, like, basically doubled in size.” But like any smart kid, she also share with fellow twitter users, things which she finds interesting.

The little bay girls talks about a world of things, which are cute, as she looks at current affairs, politics, very differently from the way her parents think. Not to say, she teases her parents endlessly.

Found her cute, then you can follow this baby girl at @Irisgrim, and see her tweet. You can follow her as well, if you are a marketer dealing with products/services for babies and their doting parents. --------

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