How to enable new Facebook In-Line Translation Tool on Facebook Pages

A new Facebook In-Line Translation, which makes instant inline language translations appear with a single click, is introduced today.

Setting itself apart from Google’s translation tool —Facebook’s new in-line translation tool, an opt-in service is powered by Microsoft Bing and works on individual posts on Facebook Pages (works only on Facebook Pages and not on Profiles yet), including comments. For instance if a non-Spanish user on a Facebook public Page, stumbles upon a comment in Spanish, then he/she will see a Translate button next to it. A single click on the button will translate the comment into English.[We tested the feature on some other languages, but it’s not working for them.]

The Facebook’s new Translate feature also lets bilingual users enter a human (and often more accurate) translation in that pop-out window. Working on the same Like principle, If the offered human translation gets sufficient positive votes, then the said translation will replace the one from Bing. The human translations can be managed by page admins using a “manage translations” link underneath posts on their administered pages.

How to enable Facebook In-Line Translation Tool on your Facebook Pages:

1) Click “use Facebook as page”
2) Go to “Your Settings” and click “Allow translations from Admin, community and machine translators.” --------

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