iPod creator unveils a new gadget – A thermostat

The God Father of iPod, Tony Fadell (formerly an Apple Designer), has made a new gadget, in collaboration with some engineers and designers from Apple Inc, Google Inc and Microsoft Corp.

But the new gadget is not some digital media device. Instead, the new gadget unveiled by Fadell’s Nest Labs ( a company Fadell founded in 2010 with former iPhone software manager Matt Rogers) is a, thermostat.

You ask why a thermostat, that too from a former Apple employee, a company which is at the forefront of the digital media devices? And the answer is: As Fadell thinks there will be demand for a device that is cool and often sits in prominent areas of people's homes.

Fadell’s idea is to make devices like thermostats attractive.

Fadell’s belief is endorsed by some of the largest venture capital investors in Silicon Valley. No wonder Nest Labs, gets funding from the likes of VCs Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Google Ventures and Shasta Ventures. --------

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