Madfinger Games brings Shadowgun to Tegra 2 Android devices

Highly awaited 3D action game Shadowgun has just been released onto Android, Tegra 2 devices.

Shadowgun is Madfinger Games' latest addition to its game line-up, already popular with its previous Android game, Samurai II: Vengeance.

The release brings all the single-player glory of Shadowgun to the gamer; with Madfinger Games planning on bringing an update soon that will include a multiplayer game mode with similar map gameplay like Death Match, Team Death Match and more that are found on most console/PC multiplayer games.

Price & Availability: Shadowgun is available at the Android Market and through Tegra Zone, for $4.99.

NOTE: For non-Tegra2 chipset Android device owners, Madfinger Games plans to release a version for all Android devices capable of running a high-end game, within days of this release.For those, who are buying a Tegra 3 quad-core device in the near future, there will be a version for those devices too

Below is the official Shadowgun Trailer:


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