Microsoft Holodeck appears to be a thing of Science Fiction

What Science Fiction based TV serials like Star Trek imagined more than twenty years ago, are being created now.

All those people who viewed the Star Trek-style Holodeck technology then will smile to see what Microsoft Research has finally created -- A very close implementation of the Holodeck.

Dubbed as HoloDesk, Microsoft’s creation uses an overhead screen to project a 2D image down through a half-silvered beam-splitter onto the desktop below. A webcam situated between the screen and beam-splitter and facial recognition software tracks the users gaze allowing the user to view objects, in 3D, projected onto the desk. What is great is that if the user changes his/her perspective, he/she sees the object unique to that perspective. That apart, an attached Kinect, tracks the viewer's movements within the desk-space, allowing him to manipulate the projected items.

The Microsoft’s Holodeck, is very close to the handling of real objects, as the virtual 3D objects can be stacked, rolled, and even juggled (but you can’t eat this 3D doughnut :))
Although, the feat is just a research project; but if it becomes a commercial reality someday, then it can find place in sectors like Education.


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