Microsoft launches one of the largest advertising campaigns in its history

This Sunday, Microsoft debuted, what many experts are calling one of the largest advertising campaigns in its history. The Microsoft television ad which aired on Sunday night, is a part of a big campaign, that aims to connect and boost the company’s major retail products — Windows, Office, Xbox and Windows Phone — in the consumers thought process.

As said, the campaign is viewed as one of the largest campaigns in Microsoft’s history, is a global initiative running in 35 countries and regions.

Different analysts are seeing the campaign from different perspectives. Launched at the time of holiday shopping season, a section of experts see the campaign as Microsoft’s attempt to bring the trust and goodwill of its tested products like Windows and Office; and “energy and excitement” of its other products like the Xbox, to its new products like the Windows phone. In simple, the campaign is a kind of debut of the new products in the light of the other established products.

The campaign is also seen as Microsoft’s attempt to interweave the concept of family experience in its haloed family of products.

Putting a full stop to how the world is interpreting the Microsoft’s new ad campaign; below is the Microsoft ad that was aired for the first time this Sunday, for you to make your own views:


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