MIT researchers develop a Radar that sees through walls

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory, Gregory Charvat, and John Peabody, have made an urban warfare radar that sees through walls.

Created for the purpose of speeding up the image reception in high-risk combat situation, where receiving one image in every 20 minutes is definitely not wanted; plus no one wants to stand right next to a potentially dangerous building, the new radar gun gives the information about the situation on the other side of the opaque wall.

Distinctly different from the radars shown in action hero movies; where the hero sees fine details of the happenings on the other side, the urban warfare radar just provides a representation that something or someone is on the other side. The new radar is expected to be used in the near-future by US military and for law enforcement purposes. Watch the video below, in which the two researchers are explaining and demonstrating their creation:


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