New Service allows Book Lovers ease of reading any book on any device with browser, FOR FREE

Attention Book Lovers! A new service which is being described as “Google Music or Grooveshark for ebooks”,named CodexCloud, is here to make you happy.

CodexCloud, is similar to Grooveshark as, it allows you to read not only public domain books available through Project Gutenburg, but also allows readers to upload purchased books to the cloud to share with others; a virtue which is bound to raise sufficient controversy.

Notably, Amazon already allows users to loan their Kindle ebooks to other users; but only for a limited period of time. That apart, the books up for sharing are the ones it sold in the first place.

The fact that, CodexCloud takes things a little further and simply allows users to share any books online with anyone, at any time, and for as long as they want, hence it is up for some strong opposition.

Essentially created with the objective of allowing users to sync their e-books over multiple mobile devices, and comfortably read them via a browser, it’s not a overstated view that publishers and authors will not be pleased with its sharing arrangement.

To keep itself away from the fire though, the CodexCloud has put a diclaimer at its official site, clearly mentioning that what has been shared is either uploaded by the user or is from the royalty-free sources such as Project Gutenburg. Hence if one has to frown at, then it’s the user or the royalty free content sources. And the onus of not uploading copyright material rests on the same.Altough, as soon as CodexCloud gets to know about some copyrighted material on ist platform, it’ll remove it in no time.

But you as a book lover or Book worm, can quench your book thirst, till the service is catering you without any hitches.

How to use CodexCloud:

Sign up for a free account, and start accessing CodexCloud’s books from any device with a browser. Under Bookshelf start browsing for the most popular titles. As soon as you start making your own lists, by saving your e-books to the service, the book shelf will take a more personal look, by showing the books uploaded and selected by you. To enhance your book shelf, you can create multiple lists, and also access a set of pre-set lists from a sidebar including popular, especially recommended for you. You have always the option of searching books already available on CodexCloud, by book title, author. And once you find your book, simply drag and drop the title into the list. That’s it.

What titles you will be able to hunt there. Well check for yourself, after all, why explain everything to a Bookworm. --------

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