A new service to help YOU ‘Know Your Followers’ on Twitter

It is good to know your followers or friends, especially if you are an online marketer. It’s is good to know them, just for the sake of fun as well.

Helping you in the same, a new service still in beta, by Schmap, named ‘Know Your Followers’, which went live only yesterday, uses a mixture of biographical, location and content data from people’s public Twitter feeds, to build up an idea of the type of people following a person on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

For instance, the service after analyzing, US politician Sarah Palin’s Twitter followers, reveals that her 683k Twitter followers are likely to be religious married parents, who love reading books.

How to use Know Your Followers:

‘Know Your Followers’ is open to any Twitter user and has both a free and paid for version – depending on the level of depth of analysis a person requires on their followers.

In Free version, any Twitter user can receive a summary analysis of their following – showing patterns in gender, marital status, profession, likes and interests amongst a person’s followers. And for a smart marketer, this info is helpful too.

To get a full analysis, which will give a more in-depth picture of a person’s or brand’s Twitter following, costs anywhere from $4.95 to $149.95 depending on the size of the following and whether the account belongs to an individual or a company. With the highest fee, for the commercial imperative of brands and corporations, ad buyers, the media, political campaigners, event promoters and local merchants to understand their audiences on this increasingly significant social medium, says Paul Hallett, Schmap’s chief executive. --------

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