Nissan develops a 10 minute only battery charger for electric vehicles

What impact will it have: if the charging time of an electric car is much significantly decreased?

Yes, it coupled with extensive network of charging stations, will have a great impact on the adoption rate of the electric cars.

Nissan has discovered a new charging method that could get drivers back on the road in just 10 minutes.

Announced a couple of days ago, Nissan has designed new battery technology for electric vehicles that cuts charging time from eight hours down to just ten minutes to fully recharge the battery.
This means that, if an electric car owner has access to electric vehicle charging stations of Nissan’s innovative charging types, just like the gas stations, then he/she can take a long-distance trip, by stopping just like people stop at gas staions.

How this breakthrough is achieved:

Researchers at Kansai University in Japan claim that the breakthrough in the new charging method comes from replacing the electrode utilizing carbon inside a capacitor to an electrode using tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide.

When will the technology become commercial?

The company said that perfecting and commercializing the technology is going to take about a decade. Hence the consumers will be able to live in the Utopian world for electric cars, only by 2020.

Notably, Nissan is bullish in supporting quick-charging stations that can recharge a battery to 80 percent capacity in approximately 30 minutes. That apart, Nissan is also working with DBT, Europe’s largest charging station manufacturer, to create smaller DC fast chargers that will cost user $15,000 and are expected to be available early 2012. --------

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