Nokia Brings 'Asha' for India – New series of Phones

In a scenario where, Nokia is constantly losing its smartphone market share to rivals Apple and Samsung, the mobile maker has launched two new smart phones with Windows Operating System in the price range of Rs 19,000-29,000, at the ongoing Nokia World 2011 conference .

With an objective to retain its leadership position in the Indian market, Nokia also announced a new series of phones – ‘Asha’ (means Hope in hindi), priced between Rs 4,100 and Rs 8,000 approximately.

The new phones are part of a new direction of Nokia, which it outlined Eight months ago in London. The new direction for Nokia also includes transitioning its smart phones platform to Windows and connecting the next billion people to the Internet, focusing on key differentiators to create a unique Nokia experience and change the way the company operates, informed Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop.

The company will be particularly focusing on the emerging markets (As these markets are the ones which are least encroached with respect to Nokia’s market share; plus there is a huge population still uninitiated to smartphones).

The phones Nokia unveiled at the event:

For the first time, Nokia unveiled six new phone models at the ongoing Nokia World 2011 conference, which include:

1) 4 models of the 'Asha' series priced between 60 Euro (about Rs 4,100) and 115 euro (about Rs 8,000).

2) 2 new smartphones with Windows operating system platforms branded as 'Lumia 800' and 'Lumia 710' priced at 420 euro (about Rs 29,000) and 270 euro (about Rs 19,000) respectively. The Lumia series of smartphones is launched, at the time of Nokia's strategic partnership with Microsoft earlier this year. The company also announced the Lumia smartphones to be launched within 2011.

Availability: Nokia plans to launch the new products across the globe, including India by the end of this year. Lumia 800 in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK in November. Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan will get the phones before the end of this year, with a number of additional markets in 2012. Lumia 710 will be introduced in Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan towards the end of the year and in mainland China in the first half of 2012. Three Asha models will be launched this year end, one model will be launched early next year. --------

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