Siri in Apple iPhone4S was conceptualized 24 years ago

One of the interesting features of the new iPhone4S, is the AI assistant feature from Siri (a complex natural-language voice assistant OR an AI Assistant built into a touchscreen device).

Apart from what a user can accomplish with the feature, another thing which is remarkable about it is that by bundling it into latest iPhone, Apple has merely fulfilled a prediction it made almost 24 years ago.

According to Gizmodo, Apple made a concept video in 1987 about a computer with a touchscreen and a computerized assistant – an assistant that one could talk to. The video talks of a feature or utility very similar to what it unveiled yesterday. Referred to as the Knowledge Navigator, the digital assistant featured in the almost 24 year old video is almost identical to Siri.

Just watch the video below, and you will see, how close Apple’s 1987 prediction, with what it finally unveiled yesterday.


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