Stanford Startup creates Camera which allows clicking First, focusing Later

What if a camera will allow you to shoot first and get the picture to focus later?

Good Right! As that will be most effective way of getting in-focus photographs. Plus, this arrangement will even allow your shaky toddler to click a few family reunions.

Stanford Startup creates Camera which allows clicking First, focusing Later

A Startup Lytro, founded by Stanford alumni, on Wednesday unveiled a camera that lets people do just that. Shoot photos first and adjust the focus on photos later.

Interestingly, underlining once again the importance of the institution, Ren Ng started working on this camera, in a lab while working on a PhD at Stanford University about eight years ago.

The Lytro, pocket-sized, telescope-shaped camera, which made its public debut in San Francisco, is seen as the first camera that captures the entire light field in a scene. Hence bringing any part to focus becomes possible.

The creator of the Lytro cameras believes that they have forever changed the way people take and experience pictures, with their first major step marked by the Lytro’s debut.

He appears to be speaking the truth. But, the camera design differs from conventional cameras, so the makers can have difficulty in selling them.

Price and availability: The start-up has started taking limited orders in the United States for two Lytro camera models, a $399 version capable of holding about 350 pictures and one priced at $499 offering twice the memory space.

Lytro cameras with eight gigabytes of storage, are coming in two colors blue and graphite, while the higher priced model is red. --------

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