Steve Jobs First Authorized Biography rights acquired by Sony

UPDATE: The biography released yesterday, October 24 2011.

Try to cash in on the iconic image of Steve Jobs, Sony has acquired the film rights to "Steve Jobs" the upcoming biography of the late Apple co-founder.

The biography is the first authorized biography of Jobs, which is a result of writer Walter Isaacson’s series of one-to-one meetings with Jobs; and interviews of family and friends.

The book which is set to be released on October 24th ; has already reached to number one on's Best Sellers list (result of an explosive surge in pre-orders at Amazon after Steve's death).

Interestingly enough, Job’s founded Pixar, which he sold to Disney in 2006, with him becoming the single largest shareholder in Disney and a member of its board of directors, did not buy the rights to the film.

It’s no clear yet, when the film will be made.

Notably, if Sony goes on to make the biopic, then it will not be the first time Job’s character is portrayed on screen. In 1999, Jobs was played by Noah Wylie in the TV docudrama, "Pirates of Silicon Valley". The video below shows, very resembling Bill Gates too:

Here is a new book, on the famous Steve Jobs' Quoate ---> Steve Jobs’ 200 Greatest Quotes

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