Top 10 Android Apps Indians use

Android phones are available in India for as low as Rs 6,000 now; making Android phone sales rise in the country.

With the increase in Android phone sales, increased number of Android App downloads from the Android market is obvious. With 300,000 apps already at Android market; and hundreds entering the market every day; every new android phone buyer will have a vast choice of apps.

Considering the fact that Indian businesses and developers have also started targeting Android apps now, which are more popular than the Apple apps because of the price-sensitive Indian market, looking at the apps downloaded mst by Indians will be interesting.

Courtesy AppBrain, below are the top 10 Android Apps downloaded by Indian Android phone users ( not in any particular order):

Google Maps
Talking Tom Cat
Angry Birds
Advanced Task Killer
Book My Show
Times of India

If you are an Android phone user, then you may be using some or all apps in the list above. If you have a totally different list, that is equally good too, as you can downlaod a few from the top 10 list too. --------

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