Twitter finally gets trademark for 'tweet'

Twitter always wanted to have the copyright for the word “Tweet”; but the obstacle for Twitter was that the word was with Twittad, the Des Moines-based company.

But now Twitter has talked terms with Twittad to get the much sought Trademark.

It has been decided between the two companies that -- Twittad will transfer the trademark to Twitter in exchange for the microblogging site dropping a lawsuit that challenged Twittad’s right to the trademark. In return, Twitter will also restore the Twitter account for Twittad, which helps Twitter users get paid to tweet ads on the microblogging service.

Twitter's Fight for the word Tweet:

Twitter originally filed for the ‘Tweet’ trademark in April 2009. But the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declined the application as three companies had already applied for trademarks that contained "tweet" in their names. In its efforts to show the world its intent to secure the trademark for itself, a few months later, Twitter asked a developer to find a new name. The micro-blogging service also objected to the user interface of the said service, for it having close resemblance to Twitter’s Homepage.

Notably, Twittad obtained the trademark in 2008; after a 2008 application to trademark the phrase "Let Your Ad Meet Tweets" got the Court approval unopposed. --------

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