Zynga announces a New Play Service and games for Facebook Google+

Farmville games developer, Zynga, yesterday announced a new play service and games for Facebook and Google Plus.

Although, experts are seeing the launches, as Zynga’s attempt to pull some love for its upcoming IPO; as none of the titles launched at the event, five new titles along with three mobile games, represented a significant departure from Zynga's existing trove; experts are seeing, its still-hazy plans for a new gaming platform, called Project Z, a Web-based service, which will roll out at a yet-unspecified date, will be more meaningful for the Gaming company's long-term growth. The platform is pitched to give users a way to play Zynga's games if they're not on Facebook. In his pitch the Zynga CEO, described the new platform as letting users make more online connections. Notably right now, Facebook contributes most of Zynga's revenue.

In the event Zynga also announced the that "Mafia Wars 2," which is launched this week, is now available on Google (GOOG)+. --------

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