16 Year Old Hyderabad Prodigy Develops Tablet PC

A 16 year old prodigy from Indian city of Hyderabad, who is also an accomplished Chess player holding a rank of 1920 on FIDE, has developed a tablet PC, named AVE tablet PC.

Chiman Prakash Reddy, who works his way out with ease both at chess board and mother boards with complex IP circuits, claims that his tablet PC’s features can give top brands a run for their own money.

After being host to three tablet PCs of late, the 16 year old kid’s tablet has put Hyderabad in the fore front in the lucrative and exploding tablet market. The four tablets, namely Notion Ink’s Adam, Akash with a price tag of Rs 3,000 and another small player.

Regarding specs, Reddy’s tablet PC , named AVE tablet PC, boasts 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi facilities and with a battery life of 6 hours. The tablet runs on the Android Gingerbread. The 1.2 GHz tablet weighs only 360 grams. The 7-inch PC can has built in memory of 8 GB. It can support MicroSD cards up to 32 GB for transfer of direct media files.

About Chiman Prakash Reddy: The 16 year old claims that he doesn’t have any formal education but developed keen interest in IT and game development. He is currently the Executive Director of ST (Sareddy Technologies Limited) that is registered in the United Kingdom. The company develops mobile games also. The AVE tablet PC gets the boards from China and assemble them in the UK.

Price and Availability: AVE tablet PC carries a price tag of Rs 12,999. Reddy plans to sell 1,000 tablets in the first month. With him in talks with Reliance Digital and Bajaj Capital for offering financial schemes for students and others. --------

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