Android now commands 58 percent of Chinese Smartphone Market

Chinese people are adopting Android phones fast. According to a report by Analysys International, a Beijing-based market researcher and think tank -- Android phones now account for 58% of China’s smartphone market in the third quarter of this year.

Assisted largely by the fast spread of Android devices, the Android’s gain came at the cost of Symbain’s loss.

With Symbian’s market share declining to 23% from 48% in the first quarter of 2011.

Smartphone market of China third quarter 2011:

Android________________58 percent
Symbian________________23 percent
iOS________________6 percent
Windows mobile________________1-2 percent

Salient points of the Analysis International research:

1. New Android devices hitting the market in the quarter under consideration, contributed to the share gain.

2. HTC has established a comprehensive distribution channels in China while Samsung has also rectified its sales networks which enhanced both companies’ sales ability.

3. Low price (RMB 1000 yuan, US$ 157) Android devices were made available through vendors’ with cooperation from operators.

4. Nokia not managing to launch a blockbuster device, the situation aggravated further with continuing negative news about the mobile maker, affected its sales in Q3 2011. --------

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