B&N brings $249 Nook Tablet to challenge Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble on Monday, unveiled newest Nook e-reader device, the $249 Nook Tablet.

The tablet seen as a competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, unveiled last month, has the following specs:

Full-color, 16 GB, 8.1-inch device, 7 inch display, running a completely modified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The tablet comes preloaded with Hulu, Netflix and Barnes & Noble’s online store.

In the unveiling event, B&N also unveiled new, lower prices for the Nook Simple Touch (down from $139 to $99) and the Nook Color (down from $249 to $199).

Availability: The new $249 Nook tablet is available for preorder on Barnes & Noble’s site. B&N plans to deliver the tablet to buyers by November 17. It will be available for purchase at physical stores around the same time. --------

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