Expected Size of mutual ICT trade between India and Pakistan

With India been granted Most Favored Nation (MFN) status by Pakistan’s government recently; the Business people of the information and communication technology industry (ICT Industry) in Pakistan are optimistic to enhance trade with Indian ICT companies.

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SAH), a counterpart of India’s NASSCOM, hoped that potential of IT industries of both states will double their growth in various industrial and commercial sectors with mutual sharing of IT-based applications.

Although IT giants of both the countries have been working together for years now; restrictions till now have proved a lot of bottlenecks to proper association till now.

P@SAH hopes that Pakistani and Indian companies with an intent to invest in each other’s territories will now move forward, courtesy the official support such as assisting visa policy, financial and corporate policies, now.

As a result of Pakistan granting MFN status to India, P@SAH hopes that a few of Pakistani and Indian companies will now be able to merge to form a large corporation to expand their business with sharing of mutual expertise, others will benefit from each other’s expertise and cost advantage.

Notably, Pakistan’s one of the top ICT company, Netsol, recently has been engaged with Indian companies to provide applications of financial services. Another Pakistani ICT company, the Ten Pearl, has reportedly inked a deal with Indian company for creating different mobile apps. That apart, Pakistan’s System Limited has been working with Indian firm for years now through its sister organization in USA.

P@SAH, already sees a lot of potential for Indian companies for investing in the field of IT in Pakistan.

With Indian IT giants particularly experts in the field of “service providers of IT-enable services” and Pakistani companies experts of gaming and animation; P@SAH hopes that both will compliment each other in their respective fields of expertise. In short Pakistan will get hundreds of jobs (in the field of BPOs) and India will get high technology, an area Pakistan has made name for itself.

Expected Size of mutual ICT trade between India and Pakistan

Pakistan and India can boost their mutual trade in Information and Technology (IT) sector up to huge US$ 5 billion through joint-ventures, investment and exchange of expertise. A money which is huge, particularly for Pakistan.

Notably, both Indian and Pakistan companies are also exploring different markets in Africa, Middle East and Europe. --------

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