New Mobile Photo App answers One Question: Are you eating Healthy?

A new photo app, promises to take ‘food photos taken from a mobile phone’ to a new level.

The app, named The Eatery, is a distinct photo app, in a way that, once you click a particular food’s photo, it makes you more aware of that food, so that you can change your behavior and eat healthier foods in future.

Created by Massive Health, Aza Raskin’s startup, the app wants to make make people healthier.

How the app works:

1) The user takes the photo of he/she is going to eat.
2) Rate it on a scale from “fit” to “fat”.
3) The user shares the photograph with his/her friends.
4) The friends rate the food, by giving it thumbs up (fit) or a thumbs down (fat).
5) The food data thus collected gets measured in a health dial that scores how well or poorly the user has been eating.

There is also a feed of what your friends are eating, with pictures and comments. You can also check into paces where you are eating such as coffee shops and restaurants.

What makes the app distinct?

1) Brings the visual aspect of any food to the forefront. If a food appears fatty, viewers will instantly say it is. It’s much different than, telling “I prepared xyz dish in very less oil”. The picture tells all.
2) A user doesn’t have to count his/her calories to ascertain the healthiness of food.
3) Brings social sourcing into use. This is particularly effective in issues of health, weight etc, as people, especially ‘friends’ are experts at nit picking regarding these issues.
4) The more a user uses the app; the more data it shows him/her over time, charting your food habits in a very systematic way.
5) The app gives the user honest information, in a fun way. --------

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