Pantech brings Kinect-like gestures to Android phones

Kinect -like gestures are being used on mobile devices for some time now; but for the first time they are used in phones on the market.

Pantech will be debuting touchless gestures on its new Vega LTE line of phones, hitting the Korean market in November.

The Kinect-like gesture technology, is aimed at helping a phone user use their touchscreen devices under certain conditions, like when they can’t touch their phones because of dirty hands or when they are driving. Other situations where the Kinect-like gestures will be useful are answering/rejecting calls and playing music etc.

Check out the video below, to see how the Pantech Vega LTE gesture system works:

Availability: The Pantech Vega LTE android phones will eb available in Korea by November end. No word on their availabiltiy in US and elsewhere. --------

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