Windows 7 overtakes XP Globally in October 2011

For the first time in October 2011, the Microsoft's operating system, Windows 7, overtook its 10 year old sibling XP globally, according to StatCounter, a premier free website analytics company (Get a counter for your blog, website too at

Below are the global web market shares for the month of October 2011, reported by Statcounter:
Windows 7_______40.5%
Windows XP_______38.5%
Windows Vista (which was intended to replace XP)_______11.2% (declined)

According to Statcounter, Vista, which was intended to be the heir of Windows XP, proved to be unworthy to fit into XP’s shoes. And despite Microsoft trying to put XP out of the world gaze, the ten year old operating system is still boasting loyal followers. However, it looks like the younger Windows 7 is now emerging in the Cinderella role.

Notably, Windows 7 overtook XP in the United States in April and in Europe in July 2011. However, in Asia Windows XP still retains a clear lead at 55% in October compared to 36% for Windows 7. Vista in Asia is at 5%. --------

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