An App for amateur Food Photographers

Food images taken by amateurs are a common sight on facebook.

But, such amateur food images were always easy to share, but can you use them as a reference next time you plan to eat out? Considering you will have to make your way through stacks of photos; it’ll be difficult.

Evernote's new -- and free -- Evernote Food app comes to rescue. The maker describes the app as a way to "preserve and relive memorable food experiences."
The app allows the user to chronicle an entire meal experience with photos you take supported by captions.

The app allows the user to include photos of the people who share his/her meal as well. In short the app is a hub which chronicles everything which makes a meal memorable.

The app will automatically sync with your Evernote account (if you have one). The good thing is the app is also compatible with Twitter and Facebook. So that you can share your experience with the world.


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