How a start-up wants to cash in from US's Strict Visa Rules

A son of Cuban immigrants and his European friend, got a start-up idea from the "the US Government's reluctance to soften up its strict immigration laws any time soon".

Finding the time apt for cashing in on US Government's strict Visa rules for 'Techies from outside US, eager to come to Silicon valley to start the next big thing'; the duo, launched a company called "Blue Seed".

"Blue Seed" plans to dock a huge ship off the California coast in the international waters, just 12 miles from San Francisco; allowing the foreigners to build their companies on board, a couple of minutes ride from the Tech hub on the main land.

An out of the box start-up idea, Blue Seed, will be a big ship providing an offshore site for immigrants who are launching technology start-ups. Boat could be afloat in 2013.


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