IITians turn into Bollywood Financers and Producers

What is common between Ashish Lal (26), Ashutosh Matela (27) and Manav Vigg (32)? All three completed studying at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, a few years ago; and on Friday December 16, the three engineers will officially turn Bollywood producers.

Ashish Lal, the youngest of the three, has some exposure to film making. He has worked as a corporate filmmaker for a few years, during which he made movies for the United Nation, the Bihar government and the Uttarakhand government.

How their First Bollywood movie materialized:

Initially, as their vehicle to get into Bollywood; they planned to make a short film on all the monuments in Delhi; Hoping that the inclusion of the historically significant structures would get them financial support from the government.

But much to their dismay; after chasing Government ministries for months; they didn’t manage to get their movie financed.

And then, just two weeks before they were to start shooting for their latest project; the trio got an idea.

Why not borrow from people who believe in them, and make a conventional Bollywood movie?
They then borrowed Rs 50 lakh from friends and family. The money borrowed came in the form of personal loans; which is to be returned with interest.

The movie’s cast is also reached in a very amateurish manner.

But finally, the IITians managed to have Mr Alter and Seema Biswas in their movie.

What’s the plot:

The film revolves around a kidnapping. The victim is the female protagonist’s father. The kidnapper gives her hints related to each monument and a limited amount of time to decipher them. (Yes, they used portions from the script they wrote for the Delhi monuments project J).

Interestingly Ashish Lal, who is also the writer of the movie; also play the roel of the girl’s friend, a history student, who helps her crack the clues.

Made under the banner of Red Mat Reves Films (A moview company founded by the three) ; the movie is directed by Nikhil Singh. --------

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