Katrina Kaif leads Google Top Searches India in People 2011 List

Google Zeitgeist 2011, a journal of what the people around the world and indiviual regions and countries searched in 2011, has been released.

For India, Katrina Kaif leads Google's Top Searches in People 2011 List. Rival and self-designated Diva of Indian film industry, actress Kareena kapoor, has to content with the #8 slot.

Septuagenarian and the face of a small group of middle class Indians in their fight against corruption, remained at #2 slot in the most searched people in India.

Bollywood actor Salman sat comfortably at #3, with the much hailed God of Cricket batting at #7.

Indians searched for non-Indians during 2011 as well.

Apple founder Steve Jobbs, who is believed to have got the inspiration to found Apple during his stay at Kainchi Ashram, in Nainital, in an Indian province of Uttarakhand,in mid 1970s, is the #9 top people searched in India.

Teen Pop sensation, Justin Bieber, extended his fan following among Indians as well; he got teh #5 slot.

Google Top Searches India in People 2011 List --------

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