PS Vita Sales in Japan

PS Vita Sales in Japan

Sony PS Vita, the new next-generation handheld from Sony, is struggling in Japan. The initial sales numbers of PS Vita point to this.

Launched in Japan on December 17th, Sony PS Vita, which is on sale for a few weeks now, is not selling as the company had expected it to.

PS Vita showed the positive sales numbers for just few days of its launch; and after that there’s a struggle.

The Sony PS Vita has been outsold by not only its predecessor the Sony PSP, but also the rival Nintendo 3DS.

Sales during the week following the launch Weekend:

During the launch Weekend, the Sony PS Vita sold 325,000 units. In the week following (December 19th to December 25th), the handheld only sold roughly 73,000 units.

Sony PSP in contrast sold 101,000 units during the same period.

Nintendo 3DS sales numbers for the same period was 482,000 units.

The Sony PS Vita’s poor showing in Japan, during its first few weeks, has made many suspect its future in US and UK; where PS Vita, which is the most expensive handheld on the market, is going to be launched in February 2012. --------

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