Casio Quad-Core Android 4 LTE Handset under development?

Casio Quad-Core Android 4 LTE Handset under development?

Casio is busy planning a number of new phone models and technologies. But one thing which has aroused a heightened interest, are the rumors that Casio is interested in creating an Android 4.0 High end handset.

The device, still unnamed, enthusiastically been discussed and tested inside closed doors at Casio, will sport a Super AMOLED display larger than 4.5-inches, a quad-core CPU (processor), and 4G LTE. Other specs include an NFC chip (Near Field Connectivity), an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing camera, and a 2000mAh battery. And as per rumors, the device depicted a minimalistic design lacking in Android buttons (which means handset relying on Ice Cream Sandwich’s software buttons).

Casio g'zOne

That apart, the Casio people are looking at some other potential devices as well. That include a series of clamshell designs, a device featuring a 5-inch screen, and a new g’zOne handset for Verizon featuring a large display and the familiar rugged look of the series (Casio’s niche g’zOne series).

On the new tech front, the talk is rife about extended waterproofing and shock resistance. --------

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