First online Braille library of India launched with 12000 titles

Insufficiency of Braile books has always remained a problematic area for visually impaired students pursuing higher education in the country.

That’s why -- India's first online Braille library, with 12,000 books in its catalogue, launched in Mumbai last week, catering to students pursuing higher education in institutions across India -- is a welcome initiative.

India’s first Braille library is a joint initiative by the National Institute of Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Dehradun and the Xavier's Resource Centre for Visually Challenged, Mumbai.

What India’s first online Braille library offers:

The library allows students to download books and read them through refreshable Braille display systems (RBDS). The initiative has a website that will host members, which would allow him/her to access the institute's libraries across the country. Various libraries have been given separate Username and password.

The libraries will upload all books available to their online catalogue. To gain access, a student needs to login with the institute's username and password. After logging in the user can then download and read the books instantly.

The portal has books in 13 languages that display text in the corresponding Braille script.
By March 2013, they aim to have books in all the Indian languages. --------

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