Mohammad Bahareth explores the Google Mindset in his Book

Mohammad Bahareth, one of Saudi Arabia's leading authorities on Subliminal Marketing, Social Media Relations, is a highly sought after speaker and travels widely around the world.

Bahareth (twitter handle), released his blockbuster book, We Hate Google, in August 2011. The book takes an in-depth look at Google – How the Internet Giant transformed the world, and how it will shape the future, with more than 30 acquisitions across sectors.

The Book, in essence is a scrutiny of what Google did since its foundation as a small research project, more a decade ago. From its venturing into the world of search engine service, to its changing goals and its drive to be all things to all people through as many platforms as possible; the book tries to uncover the mindset Google puts to use to conquer the world.

We Hate Google (iSay)

by: Mohammad Bahareth

published: 2011-08-09


sales rank: 747201

We Hate Google, talks About The Hidden Secrets of Google as well , Everything You do not want to know about google , the Development of Google , The Flight With apple , Microsoft Aiders , The Age Of Open Source , Phone Vs Android Vs Others , CYBER-DARES, CYBER-SECURITY, A LEAP INTO THE FUTURE , FUTURE OF THE INTERNET WITH GOOGLE . --------

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