Nissan develops scratch resistant Self Healing iPhone case

Japanese automobile giant Nissan has created a new line of self-repairing “Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone” cases that use a special paint technology to quickly mend/repair themselves.

The self repairing iPhone case utilize Nissan’s pioneering self-healing paint finish that it developed in 2005 and is already in use on a number of Nissan and Infiniti models. In addition, Nissan has already licensed its self-repairing paint technology to Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, with the company using the Scratch Shield technology on its Style Series N-03B mobile phones. Below is Nissan’s pioneering self-healing paint in action:

The Self healing paint is created by Nissan in collaboration with University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc. The case is crafted from ABS plastic — allowing it to be highly flexible and appear gel-like rather than glossy to minimize scratches and provide a more secure grip in the hand.

This is what Nissan says of the revolutionary paint:

The outer ‘paint’ is made from polyrotaxane, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap – ‘healing’ the blemish.

Availability: The iPhone case is launched this weekend at an automotive event in Dubai. The company plans to open the cases on general sale later this year, if there’s a demand of them.

NOTE: The technology used in Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone cases will work on the kind of scratches demonstrated in the video above. If the scratches are too deep, like the one which clearly go beneath the surface, then the case won’t be able to repair that deep scratch. --------

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