US tablet ownership Pre and Post Holiday Shopping Season 2011

US tablet ownership Pre and Post Holiday Shopping Season 2011

Total tablet sales in the U.S. nearly doubled to 19 percent ownership among adults after the holiday shopping season, according to a new report by Pew Research Center.

According to the report, the tablet ownership was 10 percent in December 2011, which increased to 19 percent in January 2012. Nearly doubling, from the time before Christmas and January of 2012.

Apple's iPad continues to dominate the tablet market; with both the tablets and the dedicated e-book readers, remaining hot gift this holiday season.

The findings become important when one compares this fortnightly period with a period from mid-2011 into the autumn, in which ownership of tablets and e-book readers remained stagnant. But the holiday buying changed the ownership percentage from 10 to 19 percent.

Although the report doesn’t attributed Apple's iPad, with boosts in sales; it suggested that Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet, both of which feature prices much lower than Apple's $499 entry-level iPad, played a significant role in doubling the tablet ownership in US.

US Tablet PC and eBook Reader Ownership:

Notably back in April 2009, the US tablet ownership, tablets and eBook Readers both, was 2 percent and reached 6 percent for Ebook readers & 5 percent for Tablet PCs in November 2010. It grew to 12 percent (eReaders ) & 8 percent (for eBooks) in May 2011. Remained around 10 percent mark for tablets till December 2011 (and similar for eBookReaders); and reached 19 percent for both tablets and e-readers in January 2012. If you understand things visually better, then have a look at the chart below:


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