6 rumors about Apple iPad 3 which can be True

With Apple’s iPad 3, anticipated to be introduced next month, rumor mills are running full throttle. “Churn one now else you will be lost” seems to be their philosophy.

Clearly understanding that most of these rumors will be a thing of imagination; below are some which many believe may indeed be true:

1) iPad 3 can have an improved processor. Some are speculating an A6 chip, or one renamed as A5X. This will means that there will be no quad-core iPad; but an iPad with enhanced graphics support (some publications say that the 'X' in the chip name points to this). Improved processor is bound to speed up the iPad3; in addition to better graphics.

2) iPad 3 is more thicker and hence tapered than the iPad2. A 1-1.5mm thicker. A thicker iPad can be to accommodate the extra battery for LTE models of the device, some speculate.

3) iPad3 will have a narrower bezel (the border around the display. And will have that high-resolution Retina Display screen, with a 2,048-x-1,536 resolution and manufactured by Samsung. MacRumors, known to have insider infor about Apple products, only last week claimed that it has obtained an iPad 3 display. According to MacRumors, the display has four times the pixel density of the iPad 2. It also shared the display resolution of 2,048-by-1,536 pixel.

4) iPad3 will have improved camera. Apple Daily recently claimed this will be replaced by an 8-megapixel CCD.

5) iPad3 will be available in upto 128GB capacity.

6) iPad3 will have Office. And Microsoft has developed it.

Lets see how many of these are actually true. --------

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