AeroShot Inhaler, Your Breathable cup of coffee

AeroShot Inhaler, Your Breathable cup of coffee

It takes some minutes to feel the ‘Stimulating Effects’ of a cup of Coffee (Caffeine is the stimulating agent in Coffee).

This made a Harvard guy create a product, which allows you to inhale caffeine Instead of drinking it.

David Edwards, a biomedical engineering professor, created AeroShot, a lipstick-sized case of breathable caffeine; claiming to give the user tremendous stimulation at the word go.

The act of putting it in your mouth is the act of breathing — so it’s sort of surprising and often people the first time they take the AeroShot, they laugh, informs Edwards.

Last month, Edwards launched the product commercially with a French company.

Some concerns:

According to some, this instant caffeine inhaler could be misused as a party drug. Making Aeroshot another, Four Loko, the caffeinated alcohol drink launched last year; which was removed from shelves for misuse.

However, Edwards insisted the product is safe.

While AeroShot contains no alcohol, each case packs 100 milligrams of lime-flavored caffeine and vitamin B.
The concerns about Aeroshot emanate from the usual recommendations of the medical fraternity, which keep cautioning people not to ingest too much caffeine, even if they are inhaling it.

What goes against these caffience inhalers is the speed at which they release large amount of stimulant to the inhaler’s blood stream. For instance, if a person drinks 10 cups of coffee, it will probably take him/her a couple hours to get through all that coffee; but with these caffeine inhalers, the person gets all that caffeine within the hour of the inhale.

Aeroshot, which started selling in US last month, for $2.99 a piece, is not selling well.

NOTE: The AeroShot package warns users not to take more than three AeroShots a day (more than three shots a day can result in unconsciousness and even worst). Kids under 12, pregnant women and people allergic to ragweed are advised not to use it. --------

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