Angelina Jolie helps you add 'Legbombing’ to your word trove

Fancy using creative words in your writings?

Then here’s a new word to add to your word trove.


Actor Angelina Jolie made it trend on web, after she legbombed twice during Sunday’s Academmy Awards (Oscars).

Below is the the visual meaning of Legbombing.

Angelina Jolie Legbombed, a flash in the pan, twice during the Oscars. She first flashed on the Oscars red carpet. Later, she dared bare-leg-out-to-there pose during the telecast before presenting the Oscar for adapted screenplay.

Not to allow her to steal all the limelight, almost immediately afterward, "Community" actor and "The Descendants" screenwriter Rash, who received the Best adapted screenplay from Jolie, struck the pose while holding his shiny new statuette.

Rash later told E! News, that the impetus behind his mimicry of Jolie's pose, came the moment he saw Angelina Legbomb on the stage, while delivering her pre-award announcement speech.

Anglina’s Legbombing has received mixed response. While some, liked Jolie’s Legbombing – which since then include Giuliana Rancic on E!, Kelly Ripa with Lucy Liu on "Live!," and the hosts of "The Talk," all clad in black gown; some like Sharon Osbourne found Angie's move to be "trying too hard".

You can follow Angelina on Twitter, her Twitter handle is @angiesleg . --------

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