Global Mobile internet usage through Mobile devices doubled year on year

Global Mobile internet usage through Mobile devices doubled year on year

Global internet usage through mobile devices, “tablets not included”, has almost doubled in the past one year. In January 2011 it was 4.3%, now i.e. January 2012 it has reached 8.5%, according to free web analytics company StatCounter.

Salient points of the report:

1) StatCounter Global Stats highlights the increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet with market share doubling year on year since 2009.

3) Although the Global internet usage through mobile devices is still under 10 percent; but the pace of growth, that's doubling in just year is astonishing, notes Statcounter.

2) Nokia leads worldwide, most probably driven by its dominance in India. Apple is second globally but leads the US and UK markets. In the UK RIM is second only to Apple.

Global use of mobile devices to access internet (excludes tablets*):

Jan 2009: 0.7%
Jan 2010: 1.6%
Jan 2011: 4.3%
Jan 2012: 8.5%

Source: StatCounter Global Stats --------

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