Google Celebrates Valentine's Day with a Cute Animation

Google Doodles (the way Google is written on Google search homepage) are known for their creativity.

On the Valentine's Day Eve, the Google Doodle is celebrating the "Essence of Love" with a cute animation. To some the animation will be one of the best ever by Google.

The "Essence of Love" for Google is: "Being in Love doesn't mean bringing the piece of Moon for your beloved; it is simply means Enjoying Simple Things Together".

About the animation above: The Doodle below is a short animated love story of a boy trying to woo a girl. To successfully woo the girl, the boy searched web for gifts. The Boy gives the girl, who is busy skipping, an array of gifts; but fails to get her attention. Finally, much dejected he comes with a skipping rope and starts skipping besides Her. And he instantly gets the much needed attention.

The background track to the story is Tony Bennett's rendition of Hank Williams' ballad Cold, Cold Heart. --------

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