Kochi India based mobile game in iPhone top 10 List

A mobile game, named ‘Ghost City', created by a group of youngsters from Kochi, India is currently among the top ten mobile applications listed in Apple iPhone's download segment.

Some Numbers:

The game has been downloaded by over one million or 10 Lakh people across the world, with US and India on top, reports Gokul Elayadath, managing partner of Kochi-based Ether IT Solutions. Aprat from Elayadath, other members in the development team are Sharath Mohan, K R Sujesh, Nikhil Jain, Basil T Paul, S Sreekanth, Jiffin Francis, P M Akhil, B Brijitha, U Sruthy, M V Sona and C A Sreeja.

Interestingly, mobile game development is their part time job only. Their day jobs range from banking to marketing.

About the Game:

Taking inspiration from “Light hating Ghost” from many Indian folktales, the game ‘’Ghost City’ is about a ghost, who hates lights, going around the city breaking lights. The Ghost’s or the Gamer’s aim is to proliferate darkness, by breaking as many lights as possible.

When asked how they got the idea of a game, where the gamer’s objective is to break lights; the team revealed that “in childhood, many children, especially boys, love breaking bulbs and tubes on the streets. Even some grown-ups do the same.

The success of the game depends upon the number of downloads and the ratings given by users. --------

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