No Start Button in Windows 8 Operating System

No Start Button in Windows 8 Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System, Microsoft’s upcoming OS, will not have a “Start” menu button.

About the Start button:

The Start button, which is placed at the bottom left corner of the “Live Bar”, made its debut in the Windows 95 version of the OS.

The Start button, which had become a habit for millions of Windows Operating system users, be becoming one of the primary methods used to navigate to computer settings, applications, stored files, and more; is removed as part of Microsoft’s Metro-style UI effort to make the user interface more intuitive across multiple devices.

The absence of Start button’s core functionality will be made up with a “hot corner”.

The hot corner can be activated either by touching or mousing over one of the screen’s four corners, which in turn will open a start-style menu screen when the operating system is both desktop and Metro UI mode. The Live Bar, which allows you juggle between opened or frequently used programs, will continue being in Windows 8. --------

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