Popular Indian Blogger Arnab Ray brings out a New Book

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

Prolific Indian blogger and winner of the Indiblog of the year award twice, Arnab Ray, the writer of the blog ‘Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind’ or Greatbong as he is popularly known, has released his new Book, ‘The Mine’.

Moving away from his signature style of cynical humour, the book promises to be a grave thriller which explores the ‘evil within’.

When asked why he moved away from his signature style, which is reflected in the blog he runs, Arnab has this to say:

“I like to write what I would like reading myself. There are hardly any books in Indian English writing which seriously explore horror. Even film noir in India is missing as the Bollywood horror movies turn it into a quasi-horror comedy,”.

If you are new to Arnab, then check out his blog first. If you develop some fondness for his writing, then buy the book. --------

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