Synchronicity is mastering the Art Of Coincidence, Choice, And Unlocking Your Mind, Tells New Book

Synchronicity is mastering the Art Of Coincidence, Choice, And Unlocking Your Mind, Tells New Book by Dr. Kirby Surprise.

Synchronicity:The Art Of Coincidence, Choice, And Unlocking Your Mind by Dr. Kirby Surprise is an exploration into the world of Synchronicity.

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the convergence of inner worlds and outer worlds. Inner world can be called the subconscious and the outer one can be the Conscious one. In simple, it’s the art of creating happenings in your life, called Synchronicity Event or SE, which reflect: What you always wanted to materialize in your life in real world.

Although hard to define in words, a SE is about experiencing one’s own life: more fully within a predefined and familiar context. In simple, SE is practicing seeing things from the eyes of subconscious, without being affected by the reality interpreted by the conscious mind; so that whatever you make your subconscious brain perceive, your conscious brain acts or sees materializing in real.

Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind

by: Kirby Surprise

publisher: New Page Books, published: 2012-02-22

ASIN: 1601631839

EAN: 9781601631831

sales rank: 9353

price: $10.98 (new), $28.52 (used)

"Synchronicity is teeming with delightful and often compelling surprises about the nature of meaningful coincidences in contemporary life. The author's prose is playful, provocative, and profound. Though you may not agree with all of Professor Surprise's conclusions, this book should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand the magnificence and mystery of synchronicity."

--Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, professor of psychology and medicine, The University of Arizona, and author of The Sacred Promise

"An interesting mix of mythology, neuroscience, and common sense, this book takes a serious, but light-hearted look at the way synchronicity works and the degree to which it can be controlled. Going well beyond the ideas of Jung, synchronicity's discoverer, psychotherapist Surprise draws on anthropology, String Theory, and Walt Disney to make the case that our internal states do effect external events...."

--Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

The experience of meaningful coincidences is universal. They are reported by people of every culture, every belief system, and every time period. Synchronicity examines the evidence for the human influence on the meaningfulness of events, and the way the modern computational model of the mind predicts how we create meaning.

It demonstrates that these events, based on the activity of the mind, are caused by the person who perceives them.

In this fascinating work, you will:

  • Learn to use your amazing ability to create synchronistic events

  • Discover how your mind creates the reality you experience

  • Unlock your brain's vast resources of connectivity and creativity

  • Change from living as a separate being to living as a part of the unified whole

    Synchronicity will show you how you already create events around you, and make you a conscious co-creator of your reality. Dr. Surprise describes the miracles of your brain's processes, merging the worlds of modern physics and ancient mysticism to reveal abilities you have always possessed, but which were not fully understood--until now.

    Learn to make reality dance to the rhythms of your thoughts.

  • Synchronicity: The Art Of Coincidence, Choice, And Unlocking Your Mind is a thoughtful book which is aimed at explaining in a simple way, the dynamics of the present and thought processes associated with reaching higher states of being or contentment. --------

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