Third of new service delivery centres opened in 2011 set up India: BPO Jobs

Third of new service delivery centres opened in 2011 set up India: BPO Jobs

A good news for BPO jobs aspirants in India. According to new data, contrary to the political rhetoric in the developed West against Indian outsourcing sector and talk that India is losing its competitive advantage for IT and back-office services, India continues to remain the preferred offshore destination for technology and service outsourcing.

A look at the new service delivery centres opened in 2011 shows that around one third of the total were set up in India, beating all other regions in the world including Europe, Latin America and China.

NOTE: A service delivery centre is a campus or a unit to carry out IT or other services, either by an independent vendor or the captive unit of a company headquartered overseas.

The data further points out that within India, only cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are not the destinations of choice; instead many smaller cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Dehradun, Nagpur and Kochi, are also getting the blessings of big corporations.

Preference for India in the field is due to cost advantage, compared to other countries of the world. That apart, there is cost advantage as well, when the centre scales up operations. A delivery centre in India brings other advantages such as relatively lower attrition levels (employees hopping jobs), low wage inflation and being the employer of choice in the city (getting quality work force becomes easy). --------

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