Use Chit Chat Facebook Messenger without installing it

Using a Dedicated chat client is a good idea; especially for those people who spend hours chatting on Facebook.

A dedicated chat client or messenger makes sense for such Active Facebook chatters: As it shows them ‘online’ to the friends they are chatting with, even when they close the Facebook browser window.

Earlier I had the opportunity to share Chit Chat Facebook Chat for Desktop. It is a dedicated chat client for Facebook. A user has to install the application on his/her PC, to use it.

Now, you don’t have to install the application on to your PC.

Use Chit Chat Web Messenger -- an online browser based Facebook chatting service.

One of the key virtues of Chit Chat Web Messenger is that it makes chat a priority. Just visit the application, login to Facebook chat, allow access permission, and once you are on, you instantly find that CCWM gives zero distraction chat experience (Facebook feeds easily distract many).

Chit Chat for Facebook Web Messenger Benefits:

• Enhanced web based Facebook chatting
• Lets you know when Facebook friends come online/offline
• Insert Facebook emoticons at a click of a button
• Use bold and italic in your Facebook messages
• Makes use of speech bubbles


Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and most other browsers. --------

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