90 Percent of All Tablets sold in US in 2011 are Wi-Fi

A new report, by Industry analyst Chetan Sharma, summarizing his most recent wireless market update for 2011, sheds a few insights on US tablet marker (don’t worry, if you are aware of them already; this happens with statistical insights).

These are the key revelations:

1) Approximately 90 percent of all tablets in the U.S. relied on Wi-Fi over 3G mobile broadband last year.

2) Carriers aren’t a needed distribution chain for slates; at least not in 2011 and not yet.

3) Sharma’s U.S. tablet sales comparison between Wi-Fi and cellular tablets; reveals that although mobile broadband networks are expanding in coverage and rising in speeds due to next-generation technologies such as HSPA+ and LTE, or 4G; there isn’t a huge increase in the number of 3G-capable tablet sales.

The report suggests that Apple iPad, the top selling tablet in US, is the one responsible for inflating the Wifi only tablet share.


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