Apple iPad3’s components inside revealed in iFixit Teardown

Ripping gadgets open, to see what is inside; is an activity most men like. But only a fool will rip open a $500 device; that too the latest Apple iPad3.

But, guys at iFixit, a California gadget-repair firm, do just that. They act on war footing, to have their hands on latest Apple products; rip them open and see what is inside. Of course, they don’t do it for pleasure, they do it for money, which their destruction feat brings them. How they earn money? Well, indirect money.

With Apple iPad3 finally landing on the buyers’ hands on Friday, i.e. yesterday; iFixit has already opened the iconic tablet; and here is what they say is inside (an iFixit guy ensure that he is number one to get the iPad3 in a store in Australia. He succeeded in his goal and iPad3 saw the operation table the same day):

Chips made by Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung Electronics and other semiconductor makers.

1) a Qualcomm LTE cellphone chip. The iPad's new A5X application processor, with improved graphics horsepower, is based on energy-efficient technology licensed from Britain's ARM Holding and is manufactured by Qualcomm, as in past Apple devices.
2) a Qualcomm wireless modem for 3G and 4G
3) a Broadcom semiconductor handling wireless tasks like WiFi and Bluetooth
4) iPad's display, removed using two bright orange suction cups, appears to be from Samsung
5) Also revealed chips from Avago Technologies, Triquint Semiconductor and Fairchild
6) A NAND flash memory chip, used to store media like music and video, is supplied by Toshiba. Japan's Elpida provides the DRAM chips.

Notably, Apple doesn't disclose which company makes the components that go into its smartphones and tablet, and insists its suppliers keep quiet. In addition, Apple sometimes uses more than one supplier for a part. Hence, the iFixit guys shed a lot of sweat, knowledge and strong microscopes to nail down the manufacturers of components and their specifications.

Why iFixit rips open latest Apple products:

To earn money and fame.

iFixit is one of the most widely followed teardown firms. The firm, founded by Luke Soules, is hired by a variety of clients who use its data for competitive intelligence, in patent disputes or to keep current on industry benchmarks. --------

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