Best Days and Months to Find Love on Facebook: Study

So what are the best ways to find love on Facebook?

According to a new study by Facebook, if you want to get into a relationship, then Valentine’s Day and Christmas are the best days to find love.

Facebook learned about this from Facebook Users’ relationship status.

The large-scale study looks at how relationships – as self-reported by Facebook users via status update changes on the social network – are influenced by seasons, holidays and even the days of the week.

How the study was conducted:

Facebook used the U.S. Facebook data from 2010 and 2011, and looked at how different times of the year affect the beginning and ending of relationships.

Facebook data team started tabulating the changes from a non-coupled relationship status, like “Single” or “Divorced,” to a coupled status, like “In a relationship” or “Engaged.” The team then compared that figure against the number of changes in the other direction, from coupled to non-coupled, to calculate the net percentage change.


4% more Facebook users entered into a couple status in December 2011 than left it, a net gain for romance.

On February 14, the Valentine’s Day, there were almost 50 percent more relationships created than breakups.

Christmas Holidays was also a great period for new relationships with 34 percent more relationships than breakups reported on December 25 and 28 percent more on December 24.

Another day which showed a net change towards relationship is the 1st of April. This day saw 20% more relationship initiations than splits. But since the day coincides with April Fool’s Day; hence not surprisingly, many of these appear to be short-lived; with April 2nd getting the distinction of the year’s most extreme day in terms of Singlehood, with 11% more break-ups than new relationships.

Top Days for finding Love:

Valentine’s Day

December 24

December 25

The Best Time to Approach or Mingle:

People on Facebook were more likely to start a relationship after the weekend and more likely to break up with someone towards the end of the week.

The summer months of May through August were not particularly good to mingle. Reported relationships were much lower during these months compared to the rest of the year.

NOTE: Facebook notes that there is a margin of error in its results as many people may choose to hide their relationship status from friends after a breakup rather than changing it.

Facebook’s latest study has once again brings to fore the question, “How much information you should share on Facebook or social networks?”. The fact that Facebook can derive that much secondary information by simply looking at your relationship status; makes many Tech blogs advise users to think twice about what information they share with social networks.

After all, the revelations of the study wouldn’t help all those ‘single but ready to mingle’ Facebook users; as it will help the social network itself – Facebook can help businesses push more stuff towards you, when you mental inclination for them.


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